Lisas's Life | Last weekend in August…
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Stanley Park

Last weekend in August…

Lisa’s Life Times Two

Can you believe in just one week it will be September?  It makes me kinda sad summer is almost more iced coffees and summer dresses.  This also means, in a weeks time, my daughter will be starting University and moving out.  She is in a two year nursing program and I am so proud of her for knowing what she wants to do at such a young age.  Miah is so full of life and fun, there definitely will be a empty feeling in the house after she leaves.  (not to mention Milo, her cat, will not be happy to be sleeping alone). I think I will be a hot mess on moving day. Of course I had to search the web to find some tips to help me with the transition; though I am not sure if these will help.  Does anyone else have a child moving away to go to school?

It was Date Day on the weekend.  David and I hadnt been to Stanley Park (Vancouver) in awhile, so off we went.  (After a Starbucks breakfast run first 🙂 ) Did I mention I am obsessed with the Spinach Feta wraps!  Does anyone else collect Starbucks stars and religiously watch the Starbucks app to make sure they load your stars and then get sucked into the promotions!  Sigh..what a life I lead.  It was a beautiful day, we walked for about two hours around the was good to get outside and spend some time together.

IMG_4177[1] IMG_4175[1] IMG_4161[1] Stanley Park IMG_4162[1] IMG_4176[1]

It was Brandons 21st birthday back in July and we finally had the chance to take him out for his birthday dinner.  The Great Canadian Brewhouse in Abbotsford, was the restaurant of choice.  Brandon had the Canadian Burger, it had a maple leaf shaped patty, so patriotic.  David had poutine and we split a wrap.  (it was full of chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese).  We all loved our food, so delicious.  Since it was a warm day and we asked to sit on the patio rooftop.  So fun, a great day all around!

Great Canadian Brewhouse

Canadian Burger

Great Canadian Brewhouse


The Canadian Brewhouse Canadian Brewhouse

Great Canadian Brewhouse

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