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New York Adventures

Lisa’s Life Times Two

So far my entire summer has been consumed with IVF and all the stresses that has come along with it.  To take my mind off of things for a few days, my son and I booked a trip to New York.  (my husband and daughter had to work)  As I mentioned before, it is great to have kids at a young age, then when they are older you are still young enough to enjoy time with them (I mean keep up with them!)

Brandon and I were there only for a few days, but we were exhausted by the end.  Can you believe with the humidity it felt like 46 degrees!  Oh my goodness, the minute you walked out of your hotel with water bottle in hand, not five minutes later, your water was lukewarm..ugh, not the most refreshing.  Here are some pictures from our adventures..


Times Square at night

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge


View from One World Trade Center

Central Park

Central Park


Yum! Pizza!




Beautiful buildings



New York city view


Brandon Central Park

Times Square

Just like the movies…Times Square

It definitely is a hustling and bustling city, so much to see and do in such a short amount of time.  I was so grateful for Brandon and his sense of direction (I mean his Google Maps), I am the type of person who can get lost in their own backyard, lol.  If I ever went again, I would probably go off season when it isnt so crowded.  We could hardly move without someone knocking into us, or shoving pamphlets in our face (take a bus tour, a bike tour, a horse and carriage ride) on every corner.  We took it all in stride and were there to enjoy ourselves and explore the big city!

What are other peoples thoughts on New York?





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