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Lisa’s Life Times Two

After the decision to have a baby was made, I went off the pill and got pregnant almost straight away. It was a complete shock. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I was excited, but extremely apprehensive thinking what have I gotten myself into!
Everything went as expected (except the wonderful symptoms like morning sickness, bloating and moodiness galore) until my first ultrasound at 13 weeks. David and I were so excited to see the baby for the first time on the screen. We had picked out names, looked at baby furniture and it was all beginning to sink in I really was going to have a baby.
To my utmost shock, I was told I had miscarried twins at 6 weeks. It was very sad, and to make matters worse I had to wait a few days before I was able to get into the hospital where I was given a D & C.
Fast forward through the grief and making the decision to try once more for a baby…18 months later of trying naturally and then it didn’t happen…I couldn’t understand, I got pregnant so fast the first time. So, off we went to doctors, naturopaths, and finally the fertility clinic.
The doctors suggested IVF-CCS which is the most advanced technology they currently have (and we found out the most expensive) I wont go into detail right now of the whole procedure, but maybe a future blog if anyone is interested. So here I am on the second day of a pill called Estrace which makes me nauseous and headache y.
We don’t want to get our hopes up and then be disappointed that this wont work, but we are trying to be positive and keep me in the right “zen for having a baby” if that’s a thing. (cause that is what the naturopath would say :))

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