Lisas's Life | You want a baby!?
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You want a baby!?

Lisa’s Life Times Two

As I mentioned in my last post, my life has taken an entirely different direction than I had anticipated or thought I wanted. I went through my “growing up and finding myself” stage after my divorce, I raised two children on my own and I embraced every age/stage/hurdle/obstacle of their development. I am so proud of them for turning out to be wonderful young adults. I loved being able to relate to my kids more on their level. (the benefit of being a young mom is you are a “cool” mom for longer) Now as they are older, we are like best friends. (but of course they still need their mother’s guidance:)
I always imagined my future finding someone in the same situation as me, a man with older kids, a man who wanted to travel and experience life’s adventures together. (Stress free is what I wanted because I had been through so much).
Then I met David, he is four years younger than me, never married, no children. He had always expressed wanting his own children from early on in our dating. I had always been honest with David from the very beginning and told him having another baby wasn’t something I had even considered at my age. I thought I was done, content, happy with how my life was going.
David and I had many talks, and I was back and forth in my decision to have a baby, and I had so many lists of pros and cons and what my life would look like, both with another child and without. It was tough, so tough, but I finally let the idea of having a baby really sink in and I thought it would be rewarding to have a baby with someone I loved, someone I knew would be there for me every step of the way. I knew he would be a wonderful father, and we would create our future together.


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